Unmatched Flexibility for printing projects
  • KIP System K Software Suite
  • Advanced Browser Based Printing
  • Preflight Thumbnail Viewer
  • WHQL Windows Driver
  • Print from Cloud Services
  • Concurrent Print and Scan
  • Single Touch Copy
  • Real-time Image Preview
  • Recall Previous Jobs
  • Simple Selection Enlarge/Reduce
  • Area of Interest Editing
  • Concurrent Copy and Scan
  • Auto DeSkew
  • Image Clean-up
  • High Resolution Color Scanning
  • Area of Interest Scanning
  • Easy File Renaming
  • Scan to Cloud Services
  • Image Overwrite - Data Shredding
  • Windows IoT - Data Encryption
  • Removable Hard Drive
  • KIP Accounting & Cost Center
  • Virus Scanning
  • KIP Secure Print - User PIN
True Smart Tablet Function
easy for new or experienced users
  • Up to 15.6"
  • Intuitive Feature
  • Real-time Image Preview with
    Area of Interest Image Editing
  • Auto De-skew for
    Copy & Scan
  • Access Job History
    for Easy Reprint of Jobs
  • Pictorial Feature &
    Operator Guide
  • KIP Smart Link QR Code Access to
    Operator Guides for Smart Phones
KIP ImagePro
  • Driverless PC App Printing
  • High Definition Image Viewer with thumbnail preflight view
  • Workflow Automation Templates
  • Easily combine single or multi-page files from one or more file locations into a collate set
  • Area of Interest for image editing
  • Drag/drop and cut/paste to reorder
  • Realtime access to manage print queue to maximize job priority with live printer status
  • Control image scaling by percentage or single click automation to preferred page size
  • Unlimited Site License - no servers or licensing required
KIP PrintPro.net
  • Driverless browser printing submission tool - No application or installation required
  • Supports Windows, Unix, and MAC OS browsers for full control over printing parameters
  • Remote printer administration and queue management
  • Frees up PC, fast print job processing on KIP System K Controller
  • Control image scaling by percentage or one touch automation to preferred page size
  • Unlimited site license, no server or licensing required - best for small work groups
KIP Windows Driver
  • Microsoft WHQL Certified
  • Windows 10/11 - 32 and 64 bit operating systems
  • Use from a variety of Windows based programs including Adobe, Office and CAD Applications
  • Single Source Installation - No need to install multiple drivers
  • Workflow Automation Templates
  • Easily view and manage Job Queue and Job History with real-time printer status
KIP Accounting and Cost Center (Optional)
  • Track projects and printing costs. KIP Accounting allocates print and copy volumes to departments and projects
  • Easily, print or email visually attractive reports for copy, print and scan production directly from the application
  • Enhance print system access and security
  • Track Copy/Scan/Printing
  • Control user features including queue management (plus many more)
  • LDAP import of user information

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